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James Davis




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As the Mortgage Operations Manager for JustChoice Lending, James Davis manages the day-to-day operations of the lending team. Before the mortgage industry, he worked in lean manufacturing for 12 years and was a high-performance team coordinator. James holds a business degree from Morehead State University.

“Fahe’s mission is important to me because it’s not very often you can work for a company where you enjoy your job and know they are doing something to help people in your community and all over. Growing up in the region, I have seen firsthand the struggles of many people and am grateful an organization like Fahe exists to provide these desperately needed services.”

As a child, James wanted to be a history teacher. And when asked what superhero he would love to spend the day with, it’s Batman. “Because he has really cool gadgets and, of course, he is rich. So we could have a fun day on his dime.”


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